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Civil Site Services

Genesis is committed to providing you exceptional site civil services in the exact fashion that you request but may not always receive.  That is because adequate civil design is relatively common, and actually noticeable in most projects.  However, at Genesis, we believe great civil design is one that blends into its surroundings, is almost transparent, but functions flawlessly.  As evident in some of our resort projects, we like to produce a product that combines science and beauty with heart. 


We are proud to offer a broad array of Civil Site Services such as:  site design, grading and drainage design and plans including our own GPS topographic surveying & construction staking.  We also provide on-site sewer and water system design and permitting, construction observation, materials testing, verification of measurement & payment associated with contractor payments, and the completion of a variety of environmental permits that will move your project forward.  Genesis has the experience to step into any size role needed and requested by the Project Lead.  We also have a cooperative agreement with a prominante Structural Engineering Firm to provide any Structural Engineering services that your project may need.


Based on our experience with commercial and residential development, it is the relationship between the Design Professionals that creates a superior product, and at the same time, makes the process memorable and enjoyable.

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