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Construction Administration

Genesis will provide complete construction management systems that place our firm as the sole point of contact for the various project team members and multiple governing agencies.  We not only provide the engineering and design expertise, but also the coordination of the specialized sub-consultants and contractors to achieve your goals efficiently.  Our firm will oversee the entire project on your behalf, in an owner’s representative role, handling everything needed to successfully plan, design, and construct the project.


Genesis is committed to providing exceptional construction management to our clients.  Our primary responsibility is to certify that the project is constructed in conformity with the approved plans and specifications.  Our firm has experience in all aspects of construction, including survey, stakeout, field inspection, materials testing, and as-built documentation.  We are determined to exceed the minimal standard through early delivery of your project while also protecting your investment and public safety.  Our repeated achievement of this goal has resulted in respect, a strong reputation within our industry, and most importantly, a level of trust between our firm, our clients, and the reviewing agencies that we work hard every day to maintain.   


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