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Expert Witness

When performing Expert Witness and Legal Support Services, Genesis calls upon the principal's 23 years of experience in the engineering and construction world. Having experienced several depositions and court testimony, written many detailed analysis summaries, and been involved in numerous mediations, we are confident that we will deliver exceptional professional services that support your legal needs.


Genesis offers analysis in a large range of fields from water and sewer mains to roads and drainage.  From an engineer’s perspective, we offer case review, consultation, litigation support and expert witness testimony assistance for Construction Litigation, Insurance Bad Faith, Real Estate & Land Use, or Property Damage cases.  


We also provide stunning visual schematics to help portray the sometimes difficult scenarios.  Our schematics are based on engineering models and help the judge, juries, and other interested parties to visualize the technical issues at hand.  The ability to communicate effectively combined with our experience and broad background in construction and civil engineering provides our clients the well rounded Expert Witnesses Services they need.

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