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Stormwater Design

Genesis offers a full suite of flood analysis and storm water management services including storm water master planning, residential and commercial grading and drainage plans, and erosion control planning using today’s best management practices.  Our solid relationships with reviewing agencies allow us to fluently navigate the regulatory environment and provide cost effective discharge solutions that get your project approved.  And our background in residential and commercial site design produces drainage plans that minimize costs by embracing and utilizing the natural features of the site.  


Services include analysis of floodplain hazards, hydrological studies, analysis of historic river geomorphology, design and modeling of municipal storm sewer infrastructure, and multi-staged retention and detention facilities.  At the core, our designs are innovative, practical, and offer ease of maintenance.  


For existing structures and infrastructure in or near river floodplains, we can help you assess your risk exposure through precise mapping and hydraulic analysis using HEC-RAS and other modeling software.  Our goal is to mitigate impacts through cost effective solutions that obtain regulatory approvals.


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